Niche Wine Co.

Niche Wine Co. is a family-owned and operated winery, nestled in the hills of West Kelowna, produces complex, aromatic wines that showcase the nuances of the north Okanagan. This combination of high-altitude, homegrown wines paired with a limited, high-quality production makes their wines all kinds of



Meet the makers!
James Schlosser is the Co-Founder and Winemaker for Niche. James received his Masters degree in Oenology and Viticulture from Brock University in Niagara. This, followed by another 15 years of winemaking experience has taught James that although it's important to be attentive throughout the process, ultimately wine is an expression of the things you can’t control. James is Hugh's dad, has a passion for farming and love of Pinot noir that just won’t quit! Joanna Schlosser is the Co-Founder and CEO for Niche. She is also a Creative Director, Hugh’s Mom, an avid wine enthusiast. Brand building, content strategy, and Pinot are probably her three favourite things to do but she is also a big fan of reading books, building community, and a good late-night Instagram scroll. 

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Niche is located at the top of Bartley Road in West Kelowna. Growing up on this property, James always knew there was something special about this place. The cool climate, limited access to water, and gravel-like soil conspire to stress the vines in all the right ways. It's quiet at the top of up in the hills and there is a sense of calm in feeling that breeze sweep down the mountain side. The vines work harder here and the results, well, it's something really worth a sipping!

"Although making wine in small batches can make our jobs a little more challenging, it also means we can ensure quality at every step of the process. The reality is, when we say, 'small batch, big love', we really mean it. We have always been passionate about quality. Our small batch production demands attention to detail. We hand picked, basket press, and bottle every single bottle of wine we produce.” —James Schlosser, Winemaker 

Niche Wine Co. is currently not open to the public, but next spring they'll be opening up their farm gates and we can't WAIT to go visit and experience a tasting!
And now here's our...

June Featured Wines:

2020 Farm Fresh White

This easy-sipping wine is perfectly layered, showcasing the true characteristics of each varietal. From nose to palate, enjoy notes of peach, floral, lemon, and spice. This three varietal blend creates the perfect wine to pair with an Okanagan beach. And if you’re hungry take out the barbecue, and serve it with a grilled peach and burrata salad, or Hawaiian chicken burgers on a brioche bun. A total crowd pleaser!

2019 Merlot

Fruit forward is almost an understatement. This Merlot is all raspberry jam and black cherry on the nose and delivers even more raspberry and a blast of  plum on the palate. The balanced acidity of this wine makes it super food-friendly and we love it with pizza, pork and pasta of any kind.
Absolutely delicious!

2020 Pinot Noir Blanc

Bursting strawberry, rhubarb and candied berries, this wine is all kinds of watermelon sugar high! Pairs perfectly with…. honestly, a lot of things but we think it’s perfect with a seafood benedict and a side of sun-soaked patio. You might also try a watermelon, mint and feta salad or a fully stocked Charcuterie board and a bubble of close friends. This Pinot Noir Blanc is AMAZING and one of a kind! It sells out quick every year and we know why!

Niche Wine Company is a true Okanagan hidden gem and we are thrilled to feature this local winery and to share more fun facts, details and information about them throughout the month of July! You can read more and purchase their wines on their website and follow them on Instagram @nichewineco!

 What an honor to have this family owned and operated winery in our community! We can't wait to see what the near future holds for this winery as they open their doors to the public next year! It's going to be amazing!

A very special THANK YOU to Niche Wine Company for collaborating with us!
We are so thankful for having you share your delicious wine with us!
What started from a SMALL collab, turned us into BIG fans!
xo Hello Sweet Bloom